Adam (xaoswolf) wrote in movie_debate,

The only differance between porn and art is the lighting is better in art...

Shortbus is a movie about a guy who can't get his wife off, a gay couple looking for a third, a creepy guy with binoculars, a dominatrix and sex. All the sex in this movie is real. The plot is about people wanting to have gay sex. Sex is used to thell the story about what happens to people when they have that sex. Everything about this movie is sex, whether it's gay, kinky, bad, or autoerotic.

The Lord of the G-Strings: The Femaleship of the String is a movie that parodies one of the greatest stories of all times. This movie also has sex (some of the lesbial variety) however, none of the sex is real. The sex is used in parody to bring about comedic plot points and sometimes just for viewing pleasure.

Which one is porn? Which one is art?
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