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Movie Debaters

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This is a community for the debating of topics relating to movies. Anything goes as long as it pertains to movies, and has a debatable topic.

Posting Rules.

1. No long movie reviews with no debatable topic. I don't care what you thought about the last Harry Potter movie, but if you want to discuss which style of magic was portrayed better, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, then be my guest.

2. No quizes. Post them somewhere else. Or better yet, don't post them at all.

3. No Advertisements. None, nadda, zip, zero.

4. Swear words and adult topics must be put behind a cut. You can still debate which movie had the best sex scene, just put it behind a cut.

5. Comments must be enabled.

6. No deleting comments, unless a comment is an obvious violation of TOS.

Breaking these rules will probably get you banned.

The maintainer of this community is xaoswolf